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Importance of Present, Persisting and Predominating Symptoms

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Importance of Present, Persisting and Predominating Symptoms
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A obese lady, aged 42 years, came to me with complain of severe pain during menstruation. [Endometriosis] ,the white patch in leg and neck[ vitiligo]. Vertigo from change of posture[ cervical spondylosis], acidity ,gastric pain better after eating and constipation of long standing. The lady came with her husband.

Patient‘s version – I have tired many treatment, but there is no improvement. I want some assurance from you - Desire for light.

Patient – I am not concerned over the white patches of leg, but cure the patches of neck - delusion of wealth.

I am the director of the company. I have to meet several dignified people; My job is not like an ordinary man.

Delusion of great person he is. Delusion of distinguished person he is. Delusion of noble being.

After some conversation with her husband it revealed that she share the best of his behaviour to those who will believed to be useful in future. She does not care of her family, but she knows very well how to project himself - Hypocrisy Foetus will die in uterus. [Always conscious, Just like a pregnant lady is always conscious about her baby.] However considering the above rubrics phosphorus - 30 was given. After 5days headache, vertigo and constipation was better. After 40 days the pain during menstruation was better. Now she is recovering from all complaints. White patches are still remaining, but less than before. After 2 month phos 200 was given...

So it can cover all the system of the body. The medicine has acted over emotional and biochemical label and trigger up the immunity - henceforth specialized treatment of Leucoderma ( Dermatology), Endometriosis (Gynocology), Duodenitis [gastroenterology]  spondylosis [orthopaedic] was not necessary.

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