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Duty of The Patient

Advanced Classical Revolutionized Homeopathy
Dynamic micro immune therapy
Modern medicine
Inner man
We must go back
Gene targeting methods.
Mystery of Obesity
Non materialistic approach
Dynamic power of water molecules
Rectification begins
Importance of personality profile
Importance of Present, Persisting and Predominating Symptoms
How it is possible
Importance of miasm
Duty of the patient
Latest diagnostic technique
Panel Physicians
With Love From The Patient
Different Types of Patients are treated by
Advanced Computerized Classical Revolutionized Homeopathy
Bradycardia, Low Blood pressure Leucoderma

One of the most remarkable work he did, which has introduced for the first time in India is : Check up Your Health, Diagnose the Case & Get Confirmed of Which Pathy (Allopathy or Homoeopathy) is More Beneficial Less Time Consuming, Minimum Side Effect & Relatively Cheaper For Your Disease & Treat Yourself Accordingly. This theory was widespread through Various Media. His recent research work regarding Dynamic Micro Immune Therapy to rectify all the system of the body at a time has been widespread through various T.V channels.

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