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Dr. Maity has established that advanced Homoeopathy is not only an alternative system of treatment. It can be considered as  a  branch of Modern Medicine, like  ENT, Opthalmology, Gynaecology, Gastroenterology, neurology etc. But the dynamic approach of the treatment also can not cover all the diseases of human being.

Modern medicine is improving very first technically. But even today there are many conditions where Modern Medicine can not reach. Advanced homoeopathy or dynamic micro immunotherapy also can not control or cure majority of critical cases. It can cure and control some selected cases from different branches of medicine. Just like an ENT can not  remove a brain tumour or an orthopedic surgeon can not perform a bypass surgery.

It is very difficult to us to manage infectious diseases like tetanus, diphtheria, meningitis etc .we have no infrastructure to control these types of cases. Modern medicine has a larger scope due to their tremendous advancement in serology and management. A few great Homoeopaths may have cured some cases of above infectious diseases but practical situation can not be changed.

We can control many cases of cervical, lumbar and ankylosing spondylosis, sciatica, frozen shoulder, coxalgia, osteoarthritis  rheumatoid arthritis, lumbago, calcaneum spur ,synovitis, writers cramp, more reliably and relevantly. The main advantage of our pathy is zero side effect, prompt and long lasting effect of the purer form of our medicine. On the other hand Modern Medicine can treat better, tuberculosis of hip, knee and shoulder joint and many other infectious diseases of bone for their specific and prompt action of medicine on bacteria.

For an example a case of tuberculosis of hip joint, if the treatment is delayed, then it may give rise to cold abscess, pathological dislocation of hip. The arthritis due to gonococcus, syphilis and leprosy should be treated by Modern Medicine. Orthopedic surgeons are indispensable to trauma management and all surgical cases.

In early stage of polyarthritis, and history of repeated attack of backache in young male  with general systemic disturbances may give rise to rheumatic fever ,and ankylosing spondylosis respectively in future. Homeopathic medicine can prevent future disability if applied in the beginning. It can also reduce the effect of toxic drug of today. I have some opportunity to treat these types of cases. Generally patient comes in very late stage after consuming so much toxic drug and surgical intervention. We have to begin our treatment along with modern drugs to prevent withdraw effect. By God’s grace gradually these types of patients are improving slowly. The number of toxic medicine will be gradually less, disability will be less. Psychologically patient becomes hopeful and positive.

Today there are many diseases of connective tissue and bone. The risk of powerful modern drug is increasing day by day. This is one of the main cause of SLE [systematic lupus erythromatosus] we can prevent this dreaded disease to some extent by triggering the immune system .If our medicine is administered early, the complications of the diseases of bones and connective tissue will be less.

In neurology we can manage safely migraine, facial palsy [some cases] meniere’s syndrome, lumbago sciatica syndrome, hemiplegia [along with physiotherapy], hemicrania, trigeminal neuralgia, tennis elbow, trigger finger, etc. But it is difficult for us to manage intracerebral haemorrhage, subarachnoid haemorrhage, hypertensive encephalopathy, tubercular meningitis neurosyphilis, viral encephalitis etc. Advanced management of modern medicine can control these successfully.

We can manage many diseases of gastro intestinal system. We also have some limitations of some critical conditions.

We can start with the mouth. We have a better scope in stomatitis, ulcerative stomatitis, apthous ulcer, allergic stomatitis, ulcer due to deficiency of vitamins. We are experiencing regularly that, vitamin and food supplements are doing nothing if the absorption power is less. Believe me or not I have cured many cases of long standing maltreated ulcerative stomatitis and carcinoma in situ. [precancerous condition of tongue].
We have a better scope for permanent relief of gastritis, duodenitis, Gastric, duodenal and peptic ulcer, reflux oesophagitis, chronic pancreatitis, and many intestinal diseases including spastic colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. We have dynamic power to increase the immunity which can prevent frequent attack.

In cases of acute perforation of peptic ulcer, severe gastroduodenal haemorrhage, malignant ascites, acute peritonitis we should take help of modern management.

We can say chances of malignancy and other complications can be reduced if we get an opportunity to treat gastro intestinal diseases in early stages.

We have a tremendous confidence to treat allergic diseases of the respiratory tract. I have the opportunity to treat thousand and thousands of cases in my carrier. The diseases are allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, pulmonary eosinophilia, allergic alveolitis.

Practically speaking apparently there is no permanent curative measures both in modern medicine and homeopathic system of medicine. But micro immunotherapy can decrease the power of allergen by increasing the immunity of the inner man. This is something special in the history of medicine. Homoeopathy is also very much successful in the treament of chronic tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, bronchiectesis etc.

On the other hand  advanced stages of tuberculosis, pneumonia, sarcoidosis [multi system glaucomatous disease],pleural effusion, malignanant tumour and in acute stage of chronic pulmonary obstructive diseases we should take help of modern therapy.

We can control different types of eczema i.e atopic eczema, allergic eczema, seborrhoeic eczema, psoriasis, acne vulgaris,cystic acne in teen ager, warts, moles and generalised pruritus.

On the other hand it is practical to consult a dermatologist where there is a suspicion of basal cell carcinoma ,squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma, leprosy etc.

Charles Darwin, George Bernard Shaw, Sir William Osler, Emil Adolf, Van Behring [the father of immunology Nobel laureate], Rabindranath Tagore Swami Vivekananda  recognized it many years ago.

Here I want to close this chapter. We can discuss selective treatment from other branches of medicine. I want to give some examples from my practical experience. There may be some exceptions and differences in opinion. But it may give some idea about the limitations as well as positive aspects of Homoeopathy

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