Doing his duty in lockdown period also. Giving preventive medicine against the corona virus by triggering the Immunity. Also treating some serious cases. More Details

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SANANDA PLUS COVERAGE - Trigger-up Immunity as a whole to Fight CORONAVIRUS
Article which was published in Sananda Plus Magazine dated 30-Jan-2020 on ways to trigger up Immunity as a whole to fight the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) based on Microimmunogenetics.
Dr. Amitava Maity rewarded Mother Teressa International Award

Dr. Amitava Maity makes a revolution in homeopathy.

The Revolutions -

1- we can do physical mental purification from the very early stage of life. Today it is very vital.

2 - we can cure Many diseases at a time without unnecessary investigations and unnecessary Specialization without toxicity. We are always hypnotised by the MNC, Drug Mafia, Heartless Intellectual and scientist.

3- My greatest achievements are for which I was honoured from New York -
1 - In every case -Complete Health Checkup.
2- Confirmation of Diagnosis.
3- which Pathy ( Allopathy or Homoeopathy is necessary for your Diseases.

4 - we have to consider relatively which pathy is more beneficial less time consuming and relatively cheaper and treat yourselves accordingly.

5 - perversion, dullness, criminalism, terrorism etc can be reduced to some extent proved by (DR P GALLAVERDIN 250 YEARS ago).

6- speediest way of relief( 10 minutes) in some of the selected acute form of chronic diseases proved daily in 80 percent patient.

7 - If any patient comes for any trouble automatically the total system will be rectified.

In this age of ROBOTIC TREATMENT, MICROIMMUNOGENETICS based on Homoeopathic philosophy will add PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, MENTAL and FINANCIAL well being specially in chronic cases.

8 -Those things are happening. I have full research paper but it needs more and more scientific research. Scientific research and explanation by the greatest scientists of the world are necessary.

9 - In 80% cases, the selected medicine in the first time can be applied in the follow-up. No need to come again and again. Whatsapp, Video call, Email and postal services will take care. This unique method is possible for my GODFATHER -DR Shyamal Kumar Das and Dr Biswajit Roy.

10 - I used to treat a good number of the patient all over the world. Except a few, I am treating successfully by the help of Whatsapp and video call only.


But I am sorry to say that in case of complicated deep-rooted chronic cases no such solution has been evolved all over the world for long-lasting physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

I do not want to say that even the glorious Advanced Method of Homoeopathy is the only option.

But it should be considered that we are all reluctant to consider the basic philosophy of different pathy. Even No one can obey the principle of Hippocrates, the father of Modern Medicine.

But after 12 years of intensive research by the help of different Nobel Laureates, scientist of Immunogenetics, Personalized Medicine, and different creative-minded Homoeopathic Physician.

I have come to a solution.
1- For every man/patients have a single medicine. This is called personalized medicine. This Medicine will act on every selected disease. Suppose a patient is suffering from Migraine, Gastric ulcer and Spondylosis etc. Medicine may be (Sepia) selected as a personalized basis.

Sepia will take care of above 3 diseases at a time. During the treatment, if the patient is suffering from acute sinusitis or sudden joint pain etc then Sepia will cure the above condition in Most of the cases. Here Sepia is to be considered as a king. But King requires the help of soldiers, Ministers, Driver etc. So other medicine may be required considering the philosophy of Homoeopathy.

But most of the time Sepia alone is sufficient in different potency. It should be kept for the whole life. It will cover all the complaints about the lifetime within our limitations.

In some cases Modern Medicine is inevitable. But if Sepia is taken conjointly within 3 to 4 minutes interval with Modern Medicine then all-round improvement will occur within 10 Minutes. Some times Antibiotics are resistant but urgently required then the personalized Medicine will trigger up the immunity for the smooth action of the Modern Medicine.

This is just an observation after 12 years of extensive research and experience. It may require much scientific explanation and may be updated from time to time. A journey of an applied Science never ends.


Micro Immuno Genetics

Micro Immuno Genetics is more penetrative and speediest way of cure today and prevention at a time by triggering  the immunity.

This unique glorious art of healing is possible after a long research of 9 years.  principally it stands on  the basic principal of the father of different established system of medicine - Allopathy (Hippocrates). Homoeopathy (Master Hahnemann) Aayurvedic (Charak and Susrut) , the All Time Greatest Nobel Laureates, Scientist of Genetics , Microbiology, Personalized Medicine Scientist of Immunology, the Greatest Philosophers of all time etc. I am also very much grateful to respected Shymal Kr, Das and Dr. Biswajit Roy for giving me their valuable opinion based on Homoeopathic Philosophy.
The details - go through my website in details.

To Make the Generation Healthy from Birth

The reader should not consider this book as an effort to prove the efficacy of any one of the different systems currently available in the world today, i.e.,allopathy, Homeopathy or Ayurveda. It is about a vision BEYOND HEALTH.  It is a positive effort to bring the physical, mental, social and financial well-beings of all people all over the world and to reduce criminality, destructiveness and perversion.
Dr. Amitava Maity rewarded Mother Teressa International Award

Mother Teresa International Award

Dr. Amitava Maity, who is awarded Mother Teresa International Award
Dr. Amitava Maity, awarded Mother Teresa International Award
Dr. Amitava Maity, takes Mother Teresa International Award

On Mother Teresa's 107th Birth Anniversary, Dr. Amitava Maity was awarded Mother Teresa International Award for helping the helpless.

Demonstration of Advanced
Revolutionized method of Homoeopathy
Demonstration of Advanced Revolutionized method 
of Homoeopathy based on microimmunogenetics 
in UK. This is the speediest method of Homoeopathy.
Demonstration of Advanced Revolutionized method
of Homoeopathy based on microimmunogenetics
in UK.  This is the speediest method of Homoeopathy.
Revolution in different area of uk INCLUDING  leicestershire, Hampshire
A Certificate of Excellence from New York
Revolution in different area of uk INCLUDING leicestershire, Hampshire
A Certificate of Excellence from New York 
Dr. Maity established himself as a all round physician by his painstaking social service to every spheres of life.
Ramakrishna Sarada Arogya Niketan

An Unique Combination of Professionalism, All Round Activities & Dedication

Passed H.S. Exam from  R. K. Mission, Narendrapur.
Passed M.B.S., B.H.M.S. (Hons), C.U. in 1983 with distinction &  Hons marks in Materia Medica in all three University Exams.
During the internship period in 1984 Dr. Maity led a medical team of nine Doctors for combating Epidemic outbreak of Gastroenteritis in Murshidabad.
Participated in different Health camps like mother & child health, Nutrition programme, Heart Diseases, AIDS & other communicable disease, Disaster management. Latest development of prevention & Treatment of Cancer etc organized by V.I.H.C. These were all published in daily news papers several times.
Arranged several Health camps for Complete health check up & Advanced homeopathic treatment in the district of Bankura, Purulia, Birbhum, Hooghly & Midnapur with his own initiative & expenditure (specially amongst the poorest people of the society).
It is a great pleasure for our country that a good number of NRI from California, Canada, Sweden, Papua New Guinea (Australia), Bangkok, Bangladesh & many other countries are experiencing significant improvement by the Homoeopathic treatment of Dr. Amitava Maity in some chronic & complicated cases.
Now carrying out clinical research about the Scope of Homeopathy in Sports Medicine and also acted as a Hon’y physician of Tata Football Academy, to be played in Kolkata. A good number of Sports persons were immensely benefitted by his treatment. (Certified by Padmashree P. K. Banerjee and Sailen Manna, footballer of the century)
The above milestones of himself and V.I.H.C. are largely appreciated by Sunil Gangopadhya, Soumitra Chatterjee, Kabita Krishnamoorthy, Mother Teresa, P. K. Banerjee, Sailen Manna, Swami Lokeswarananda, Swami Girishananda, Sunil Gavaskar and above all the common people of India & abroad.
A good number of selected cancer patients are experiencing a longer, peaceful & painless state of health for the rest of their lives by the treatment of Dr. Amitava Maity.
Based on the existing Socio-economic condition of the country the  most revolutionary approach which has given him some International reputation in his 30 years careern i.e Check-up your health, Diagnose the case and to get confirmed which pathy (Allopathy or Homeopathy) is more beneficial, less time consuming, has got minimum side effect & relatively cheaper for your disease & treat yourself accordingly.
Established Ramakrishna Sarada Arogya Niketan by his own effort and expenditure. He is treating at least 250 patients per month completely free of cost including medicine vitamins, dietary supplements and necessary pathological investigations.
For this unique combination of professionalism and philanthropism he has been awarded life time achievement from Ramakrishna Mahamondal in year 2001.
Dr. Maity has been honored by Swamy Tathagatananda, the President of New York Vedanta Society (Est. by Swami Vivekananda in the year 1894) for his great success in various types of chronic and complicated cases in India and abroad.
Recently he has been honored by Ramakrishna Society Anath Bhandar who are serving the helpless boys. This Ramakrishna Society Anath Bhander was established by Swami Saradananda, the son of Bhagaban Sree Sree Ramakrishna in a rememberance meeting of Swamiji’s 150th Birth Anniversary for following the selfless work of Swami Vivekananda.
He has also been awarded for his all-round activities in the field of medicine and dedication by Swami Suparnananda, Secretary Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Narendrapur.
Being inspired by Thakur, Ma and Swamiji he has written a book (Ajker prajanmer kache Thakur Ma o Swamiji) Dr. Maity has been carrying out extensive research work on advancement of homoeopathy and also engaged in extensive study on immune pathology & immuno genetics. He remarked that High Dilution Technology has been used successfully for many years to help eliminate diseases. Potentized Homoeopathic medicine is the High Dilution DNA. The DNA molecules were designed to target Immune response Genes to fight infections  & control the infectivity of Viruses. He established that Homoeopathic Gene Targeting System is known as Dynamic Micro Immune Therapy. Dr. Maity is the pioneer of developing the idea of Non materialistic aspect of medicine in this Materialistic world. He has proved that this micro immuno therapy is one of the way to bring the man in his healthy state. This system can help to trigger up the immune system of a man. According to Swami Vivekananda “The inner man cannot do any sin”. This therapy can help to wash out the artificial coverings of jealousy, vindictiveness, perversion, dishonesty, religious superstition and above all the Chronic Complicated & Genetic diseases at least to some extent.

Journey Begins serving the downtroden

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