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Microimmuno Genetics.
Advanced Classical Revolutionized Homeopathy
Role of Classical Homeopathy
Dynamic micro immune therapy
Modern medicine
Inner man
We must go back
Gene targeting methods.
Mystery of Obesity
Non materialistic approach
Dynamic power of water molecules
Rectification begins
Importance of personality profile
Importance of Present, Persisting and Predominating Symptoms
How it is possible
Importance of miasm
Duty of the patient
Latest diagnostic technique
Panel Physicians
Kent Said

Trigger up your recent & future immunity by dynamic micro immunotherapy -

Rectify all the system of the body at a time - Reduce the extra burden of specialist and unnecessary investigations.
The contribution of Dr Maity is to re-established the original dynamic power of Homeopathy scientifically and spiritually which has shaken the whole world. For an example if a man is suffering from sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, frozen shoulder, duodenal ulcer, benign hypertrophy of prostrate, and psoriasis only one medicine at a time is sufficient to cure all the complaints.

On the other hand if a middle aged female is suffering from osteoarthritis of knee migraine alopecia [falling of hair] irritable bowel syndrome, leucoderma, etc at a time then only one medicine at a time will cover everything. I know this is unbelievable in this materialistic age. But ultimately this will be established that only the purer form of advanced classical homoeopathy can save a man from chronic and complicated disease.
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